Technical Analysis

Market analyzing on a computer screen

The most popular among individual investors a tool to predict future changes in the market is technical analysis. Its popularity owes certainly simplicity and speed with which you can learn it. On the market there are also many publications on it and all the portals of economic devote separate sections. The simplicity of this art not a science, it is also its disadvantage. Most market players using the same methods of investment and prognostic causes that they become ineffective.

Technical analysis is the art consists in forecasting future exchange rate changes only through observation charts of price and building on the basis of indicators and price formation. Technical analyst does not therefore focuses his attention on macroeconomic data, the information flowing from the financial statements of companies. It focuses only on the graph, since according to the theory of technical analysis, the price is a reflection of all of this information. The adoption of such a rule, legitimate or not, is the cornerstone of shaping the entire technical analysis. All indicators and trading systems based on technical analysis, based on market prices rather than macroeconomic data and financial statements. Continue reading


Binary options simple investment or risky gambling?

Binary options simple investment or risky gambling?

Binary Options is a relatively new product on the market of financial instruments. Its biggest advantage is high affordability and simplicity of investment. Binary Options gaining wide acceptance particularly in those people who had never been in contact with the financial markets, becoming a kind of ladder to more sophisticated forms of investment. Many people are not successful after several attempts, ask yourself the question “What to do to make a Binary Options.” In this thread we will just this subject and in simple 5 steps will show how to dramatically increase your chances of success in this field.

Demo – his first steps on the road to investing in options you should direct the virtual account. Until recently, almost no broker had this type of service, but fortunately at the moment many of them allows customers to use the virtual account. In time, perhaps all brokers option should offer the possibility of testing as it does on the OTC market. Continue reading

Learning about forex?

trading in ForexDefinition of forex

The foreign exchange is a world market where the exchange is the quote. It is a vast potential market open to all financial and stock transactions. Forex is the ideal place for all monetary contributions and highlighted capital great trading tricks. The exchange market is attracting more and more involved who want to make money and grow their bank account. This is the world where one crosses most bank currency, indeed forex deals with the values ​​of those currencies. The four currencies generally the most in the world are treated the dollar, euro, yen and pound sterling exchange .It a case where bankers are the first responders to make financial transactions with their quote. The foreign exchange risk also includes as many as advantage. Best for stakeholders is to know and really know the trader forex.

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Tips to trade binary options

The binary option trading is a good tool to negotiate the financial assets on the market. The binary option trading is a useful instrument, simple and accessible to all. It saves many silver, if one knows how to use properly.

making moneyThat is why it is crucial to consider the trick binary option . This trick is useful to gain more easy money in the market and less understanding binary options. Some very essential tips Useful binary options is to know that there are many tricks to take advantage of binary options. First, it is crucial for the trader to have an excellent trading platform.

The choice of platform provides bonuses, training, and for many other binary options trader. A platform with a license of the financial markets is a great trick to trade binary options.

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Binary options are reserved for insiders!

Binary Options

Presentation of binary options

binary money tradingBinary options are financial assets with new fashion. The principle is very simple: you simply bet on one product (eg the price of gold) and its future development in a predefined time (eg 15 or 30 minutes). At the end of the period, if your bet is won, you will be credited to a gain of about 70 to 85% of your bet, but if you are wrong you will not receive anything. Thus, building 100 euros on a rise in the price of gold, you can win or lose 85 euros 100 euros.

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